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Irene, soon 50 years old and a mother of three, has a life long dream to be the biggest bodybuilder in the world but the biggest competitions in the world are now removing female bodybuilding. Too big for the world is a film about discrimination and society’s fear of strong and muscular women.


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Irene Andersen







Irene bild


White extra long Irene Andersen and Helle Trevino second best bodybuilder in the world 2015

Irene and Helle 8
White extra long

Irene Andersen and Lenda Murray eight time Miss Olympia

Irene and Lenda 7

Irene and Lenda 8

White extra long

White extra longIrene Andersen and Andreas Cahling Viking Thor in Kung Fury
Irene and Andreas Cahling 1
White extra long

Too big for the world participation in media

- Artikel i GP: http://www.gp.se/n%C3%B6je/film/fokuserat-om-bodybuilding-1.4216776

- Artikel i GP: http://www.gp.se/n%C3%B6je/film/kr%C3%A4ver-svar-fr%C3%A5n-arnold-schwarzenegger-1.4213555

- Artikel i Göteborgs Fria: http://www.goteborgsfria.se/artikel/127812

- Artikel i Aftonbladet: http://tv.aftonbladet.se/abtv/articles/213198

- Artikel i GirlTalk: http://girltalkhq.com/too-big-for-the-world-docu-examines-the-world-of-female-bodybuilding/

- Fox 5 morning sofa participation. Fox 5 in San Diego interviewed Irene Andersen during Comic Con. One part (more to come): https://www.facebook.com/fox5sandiego/videos/10154451193309940/

- Generation Iron wrote an article about female bodybuilding http://generationiron.com/is-female-bodybuilding-a-thing-of-the-past/

- September 2014 we finished our very first Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and here is some of what happened during the campaign:
Our campaign videos on Youtube and Vimeo has got 300 000 views together.
The campaign page had 15 000 unique visitors.
”Too big for the world” has participated in radio shows in India/England, United States, Iceland (three times) and Sweden.

See the links:
- India/England: http://www.balleballeradio.co.uk/international-talk-show-with-filmmakers.php
- The internationally award-winning radio show Dare to dream mentioned Too big for the world in one of the shows: http://bit.ly/1p9AeXa
- And then we had two commercials in the show during three Wednesdays. Here is one of the shows: http://deborahdachinger.com/bob-doyle-boundless-living-living-life-by-design/
- Sweden: http://bit.ly/WuiFWN
- Iceland: http://www.visir.is/section/MEDIA98&fileid=CLP28617
- Iceland 2: http://www.visir.is/section/MEDIA98&fileid=CLP29250
- Iceland 3 not out yet 
- Too big for the world has appeared in Romania’s biggest tv-show:http://bit.ly/1rObuHt
- Dave palumbo muscle in the morning: http://bit.ly/WAne27
- An article in Girltalk HQ: http://girltalkhq.com/too-big-for-the-world-docu-examines-the-world-of-female-bodybuilding/
- We’ve also had a Google Hangout. With us in the hangout was – besides the filmmakers and Irene Andersen – Eva Birath, Helle Trevino and Ragnhildur Gyða Magnúsdóttir. This was much fun and a great way to gather people from around the world in one hangout.
See link: http://bit.ly/1qLwt8E

Thank you to all websites and blogs who have written about the project for example:

GeneX Magazine: http://bit.ly/1Ah8i8W
JBFilms: http://www.jb-filmworks.com/
Bodybuildingszene-de: http://bit.ly/1An59kX
Sonic Eclectic: http://bit.ly/1qxSV7T
Fine female bodybuilders: http://www.finefemalebodybuilders.com/
Martin Kohl: http://bit.ly/1q2Fzlj
Cinemaddicts NZ: http://bit.ly/Wjho53


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