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Too big for the world is a film about Irene Andersen, one of the biggest female bodybuilders in the world. Irene’s dream is to compete in Miss Olympia and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s competition Arnold Classic before turning 50. When she is getting closer all the big competitions in the world shuts down female bodybuilding.

Irene starts an investigation to find out why female bodybuilding has been removed. She tracks down all the decision makers including Arnold Schwarzenegger and she meets up with top competitors and experts in the bodybuilding world to see if they know the truth about why female bodybuilding has been removed.


Irene, soon 50 years old and a mother of three, has a life long dream to be the biggest bodybuilder in the world but the biggest competitions in the world are now removing female bodybuilding. Too big for the world is a film about discrimination and society’s fear of strong and muscular women.

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About Irene

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Irene is a 49 year old mother of three. She has always been physically strong and as a young girl she used to wrestle boys winning over them. As a teenager Irene fell in love with weight training and at age eighteen she joked about one day competing at Miss Olympia. But it wasn’t until Irene was 36 years old that she competed for the first time in bodybuilding. She quickly became the best in Sweden and got her PRO card. She then started competing in United States. Since then Irene’s life has evolved all around bodybuilding.

In Sweden Irene is often seen as a freak and people question whether she’s a woman or a man but when she visits United States she is congratulated on her great physique and her hard work. It’s obvious to her that people in Sweden aren’t as tolerant as they want the rest of the world to believe and Irene challenges all the norms society has for women.



About Reality Film



Reality Film is a film production company in Sweden with the world as working field. Reality Film makes international documentaries.
The core of Reality Film is Renzo Aneröd, Hanna Aneröd and Nadine Aneröd. Many other talented people are involved in the filmmaking. Producers, directors, photographers, editors, screenwriters, dramaturgs and more.

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Key people

White long thin 2Renzo Aneröd

Renzo has made four earlier documentaries which has been successful in Sweden and internationally. ”Under the dark sky of the nation”, ”I don’t wanna live this life”, ”Children of islam” and ”Patriot for life”. Renzo is also a writer writing on his fourth book and he has through his books and movies emerged as one of Sweden’s foremost moderna contemporary writer, primarily in the subject subculture. Renzo is producer, director and editor.

Hanna Aneröd

Hanna is a first time filmmaker and in 2016 she debuts with two documentaries ”Thailand Dreams” and ”Too big for the world”. Hanna is director, producer assistant and photographer.


Stefan Jarl







Stefan Jarl is Sweden’s and Europe’s most famous documentary filmmaker. Some of the films he has made are ”the Mods trilogy”, ”The soul is greater than the world” and ”Submission”. Stefan is dramaturg, editor assistant and producer assistant for the films made by Reality Film. Stefan is also a mentor for many of Sweden’s biggest filmmakers.


Petra Revenue

Petra Revenue





Petra Revenue is one of Sweden’s best screenwriter. She has been the screenwriter for several of the famous ”Wallander” movies. She is also a dramatist and theatre director and is now making her first documentary. Petra is editor assistant and producer assistant for the films made by Reality Film.


Garner Holt






Garner Holt (Garner Holt Productions Inc) is the world’s largest manufacturer of animatronics & animatronics figures, special effects, show action, ride & show elements and more. Garner is the executive producer for Too big for the world. http://www.garnerholt.com