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July 7 we launched the Indiegogo campaign for Too big for the world after a week of pre-launch where we spread two pre-launch videos that engaged a lot of bodybuilding fans. Thank you to everyone who is donating and spreading the word about the Indiegogo campaign! Let’s make the campaign go viral and make a really great film!

The Indiegogo campaign!

Irene Andersen together with 8 time Miss Olympia Lenda Murray
Irene and Lenda small size

In May this year Irene made her first trip to US and visited Los Angeles where she met up with Lenda Murray, Helle Nielsen, Bill Dobbins, Andreas Cahling, Robert Arnold and Samir Bannout. Irene took the first step of unfolding why female bodybuilding is being shut down and she also talked to everyone about the love for female bodybuilding.

Next trip to US will be in september when the crowdfunding campaign is finished!

Irene and Andreas Cahling, bodybuilding icon who plays Thor in the film Kung Fury
Irene and Andreas Cahling 1

Irene and Helle Nielsen who has won 5th place in Miss Olympia
Irene and Helle small size

Irene and Samir Bannout, former Mr Olympia
Irene and Samir Bannout small size

It was wonderful visiting LA and we were practically living at Whole Foods between shooting.
Whole foods 2

Renzo Hanna Hollywood_1

We also made a trip to Oxnard where we met Carole Dean at From the heart productions. From the heart productions is our fiscal sponsor and partner with Indiegogo. This means that all donations made by American citizens are tax-deductible.

From the heart productions 2

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